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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Jesus Helps Me Trick People

Mwahaha, I got Kevoh to compromise his principles. Mark Stafford ended up entering his "Death in the Library" diorama (see previous post) in the CCC3 anyways. Yes, Golden Shpleem is secretly a morass of lies and intrigue like that. Stay tuned for further unscrupulousness! By the by, Mr. Stafford made another death-themed diorama, this one conforming to the rules, and it is pretty hip.

It is always a cause for celebration when a CSFer makes their debut. RocketSeason, also known as Matt (Forcum?) has made his MOC "coming out", and what a MOC it is! Now, I normally don't much like small space fighters, as their same-yness seems to me like permutating the name of G-d, but this one thankfully breaks the mold. Indeed, it looks very Miyazaki-esque.

The ship is excitingly chunky. Its bold 90° edges, normally anathema to a spacer, are ameliorated by the funky angled sectioning. The round Santa Fe windows are the perfect retro non-canopy solution. I'm really curious about the use of the chessboard piece in the controls. 3D holographic navigation? Some sort of baroque battle system? That bull-horn figurehead is kinda goofy, but it has a certain charm, so I'll let it slide. All I can find fault with is that the greebing could be a bit more complex. And I can't get all fired-up about just that, how disappointing!

If this debut MOC is any indication, RocketSeason should be a great builder. I look forward to his next work!

P.S.: The title is a Diesel Sweeties ref.


Blogger Ashley said...

By Buddah, sir. Could you be more of an asshole? Watch as I laugh and roll my eyes at you in an 'oh-don't-look-at-me-like-that-for-rolling-my-eyes-at-you-or-I'll-just-stop-supplying-you-with-crack'
sort of way.

Considder me a new frequent commentee. (You jerk.)

12/12/2005 7:42 PM


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