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Monday, July 25, 2005

Brickshelf Finds

First is this neat castle by Justin2576. Check out the nice windows, angled in and with a darkgray border.

A unique design too, I don't recall any tall, towering keeps with tudor top floors before.

Next is a miniature train built by Moko. I believe trainheads are always ranting about 6-wide this and 8-wide that... I believe this is a 4-wide.

It is nice and shiny.

Now, 2 bots from OrganicMatoran, who has just joined CSF as "Droid Commander". A rather unusual color scheme, but it seems to work.

Note the construction hard hat on the chest.

He also built this PCS Battle Droid, which I believe captures the PCS style quite nicely.

My favorite parts are the 2 jets on his back.


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