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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


We are the Argonauts, yo ho ho!

This blog dealie is founded by Kevin Blocksidge and Kevin Heckel. Yay for Kevins!

We plan to use it to highlight interesting LEGO creations or discussions, as we've found that with so many LEGO sites out there, and with the upcoming changes in LUGNET, it is very easy to miss a sweet creation because you forgot to visit a specific site this week.

So check back here often for the top picks from the ever-growing LEGO community,


Anonymous adrian said...

Hi! Looks like a good source since Jon's Zemi.net hasn't been updated in a month. Blog well!

7/23/2005 12:40 AM

Blogger Micah said...

Wow, this is awesome guys! I have my own little Lego blog, and it has NOTHING compared with most of this stuff. I'm also working on my VERY small Lego collection =D I like how your finding and showing peoples awesome creations, they are so hard to find sometimes.
Good luck and happy blogging!

3/03/2008 8:12 PM


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