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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

New Castle Creations

This medieval sawmill by Marakoeschtra features 4 machinery halls, all "powered" by horses in the main chamber. The horses move by an electic motor hidden in the upper floors.

It has a fully detailed exterior and interior, so be sure to look through both galleries.

Denix created this keep in honor of his newborn son, and thus it is named after him: Alaric Keep. The clever way the keep opens reveals a plethora of details, including a cut-away of a well and a small home of a rat.

It also features a docking station for an airship, and armor by Red Bean Studios.

Nathan Proudlove imagines this castle was built by a "a wizard who was able to protect his home and his family from the destruction of their world by casting a spell around their castle, preserving them for all eternity to float through time and space. "

It features a Discworld-esque waterfall flowing off into space, a bridge that appears to be ripped straight out of the ground, and a small spiral staircase.


Anonymous adrian said...

That's some beautiful stuff. That hovering castle is spectacular!

I guess those castle guys ain't so bad after all.

7/23/2005 12:42 AM


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