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Monday, September 05, 2005

2 scoops of Raisin

That fellow Bob Carney has made another really big castle based on some big castle in some small foriegn country far away. May seem ho-hum, but they really are neat castles. He should build them all at once and create a huge scale model of Europe. I would totally give him a gold star. Maybe two. Three would be pushing it.

This one is called "Bran". I like all the red roofs, that's pretty nifty. Using BURPs and LURPs he has created a really nice rockface, but those dark gray rocks would be in much better service to humanity if placed underneath a floating island, to form say... a floating rock. But I digress.

He cheated on the tudor walls, using stickers, a most grievous sin, made more so because of the readily available options for brickbuilt tudor crossbeams...


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