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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

So many Details.

Classic-Castle member Marakoeschtra's latest creation is the Royal Bakers Guild. He's been giving Takeshi Itoh a run for his money in the ridiculously detailed, architecturally accurate, large square footprinted, realistically landscaped medieval slice o' life field.

Things to keep an eye out for: the bridge, the seller's window, the snot crossbeams, the chimney, the tree, the water mill, the boat made out of 2 LEGO boats end-to-end, the wooden deck, and the roof. I almost listed off the whole creation there, which is a sure sign it's freakin' sweet.


Anonymous adrian said...

You know what makes this guy better than Itoh? He doesn't take teeny tiny itsy bitsy pictures that you can't see the detail in. His pictures are nice and big and robust. Yay!

9/06/2005 5:17 PM

Anonymous bianca said...

agreed. the pictures do his work justice. anyone know what type of camera took the pics?

9/10/2005 2:10 AM


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