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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Zeppelin, Or, How to Write a Ridiculously Long Post

When I first saw this airship as a little thumbnail on BSrecent I said "whoa! sweet!" My thoughts remained in such a state upon looking at the gallery page full of thumbnails. Then, as I looked at each image, my thoughts changed and shifted, with an end result I have not yet written. Look forward to that at the end.

In the first image I found the gasbag to be rather blocky, especially around the fins. The basket/gondola/body seemed rather blocky as well, the second picture enforced that thought. Even more bad finnage could be seen in pic three.

I moved on to some more pictures of the full thing, allowing me to get a better idea about the shape. It is unfortunate that this picture is all blurry and at such a wonky angle (by the way, "wonky" can only be said or typed while tipping one's head), because it seems to be neato keen.

On the very next picture I said "oh no!" (note, I don't actually say things out loud. Ever. Ask Mark Sandlin) because it was so underdetailed! Such a crucial part too, the very thing that causes the ship to move, moving being the purpose of said ship. Also that little connective pylon would totally break.

But then I was saved from my despair! Behold! How incredibly cool, and amazing use of parts (I shall have to buy one of those Rock-Raiders canopies. No, I don't own a single set). It was getting good again, my hope was restored, even more so upon seeing the nifty tail gunnery and grapling-hookery station.

Then something magical happened. "What's this?" I said. But the next picture didn't answer the question it was just some crates! I was intrigued, I had to find out, and my journey continued, but first, I stopped to see more wonderous detailage. My journey was dangerous, with many blurry pics along the way.

Finally, the question was revealed! The answer had been responded to! Scratch that, reverse it (yay Willy Wonka!). Step by step, that bundle of grey and yellow was revealed to be a little plane! To quote Jonesy, "Yeah!!!"

So, as promised in the beginning, I say that this ship, while perhaps not quite done on the macro-scale, on the micro-scale (no, not microscale building, this is totally different than the last post, I mean detailing now) it succeeds without question.


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