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Friday, December 23, 2005

Yum, yum, eat 'em up.

A few weeks ago I e-mailed Myroder, a CSF user, about the 4 rail pieces seen in his Intrepid. He said they are called "crane harbor derricks" and I fully intended to write a post about the Intrepid, but I got lazy. Do check it out.

Anyway, Myroder's latest is very neato. After his recent change in diet, Myroder has applied his new skills to this crazy contraption. Very interesting intersection of forms delineated by color. Lots of playability throughout, this would be real fun to fiddle with.

Those click-hinge connections to the side engine-dealies (big fans in space?) and to the top radar dish are pretty lame. In fact, I think the ship would be much improved if the fans and dish were just taken off. Yes. It would create a much sleaker profile. Definitely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW that is amazing!!! You could teach Soren from neutronbot.com a thing or two, assuming you are not the same person, I guess. Anyways, at least you cover up the studs, he usually does not.

That is one grand lego space creation....

1/09/2006 1:36 PM


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