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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Argo sails for the last time.

Golden Shpleem is down for the count, in case the lack of new posts didn't clue you in.

One half of the illustrious team, namely Jonesy, has joined up with his fellow Colorado resident, Soren, in a new blog called "Tourist Bot's Diary".

Alternatively, I find Lukas's "Builder's Block v2" and the 4-person "The Brothers Brick" to be fun reads at times.

You can, as always, get your fix of exciting Kevins news at neutronbot.com.


Anonymous Lenyu said...

Sad to see what was, really, the best Lego Blog out there slowly die >_<

9/14/2006 1:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well hell... you'll be missed! Hope the site sticks around for referance and all the hard work you're done.

Best of luck!

9/14/2006 2:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do not be a cop-out like zemi!

9/18/2006 9:11 PM

Blogger Brenden said...

Despite the long waits, it was a good read.

9/22/2006 4:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Jodi and I am a casting producer for ABC’s hit show Wife Swap. I am seeking families who are Lego hobbyists for our third season. On many occasions, we feature families with unique passions/hobbies and this is one we’ve never done. Plus, AFOL’s are obviously parents who encourage creativity and that is something that other families can learn. I came across your blog and thought you or someone you know may be interested in applying. Would you be interested in posting this on your blog, or do you know anyone who would be interested in applying to be on the show?

The premise of Wife Swap is to take two different families and have the mom’s switch place to experience how another family lives for one week. Half of the week, mom lives the life of the family she is staying with. The other half, she introduces a “rule change” where she implements rules and activities that her family has. It’s a positive experience for people to not only learn, but teach other ways of life.

Families on the show receive $20,000 and anyone that refers a family that is selected to be on our show is paid $1,000 per referral. Each family should consist of two parents, at least one child between the ages of 6-17, and should reside in the U.S. and have BIG, outgoing personalities.

Please let me know if you are interested or have any questions.


Jodi Friedman
Casting Producer
New York, NY

12/14/2006 6:27 PM


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