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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Oh those Happy Days

Whenever I am at a place that sells icecream and other such things (not like a grocery store, but an ice cream parlor) I get a chocolate malt. It reminds me of my younger years, going to the corner malt shop and sharing a malt with my sweetheart. Yay for 2 straws!

Unregardless, the best car for driving to Drive-In Movies and in participating in other "retro / nostalgic / halcyon / neveractuallyoccuredhowevermuchthereligiousrightwishesitdid" activities was the 57 Chevrolet Bel Air (allegedly unrelated to the Prince).

I suppose I'll mention something LEGO-related now. Check out how cool MisterZumbi made it look. Now I challenge him: doors that open, and a driver fitting inside! And a less tacky jukebox!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Arthur Gugick, a builder who has been featured in at least 2 newspapers (The Washington Post and the Cleveland Plain Dealer) has added at least 8 new enormous models to his Brickshelf gallery today.

There is way too much to comment about, but lets get started.

Actually, first, a helpful message to the populace: Resize your pictures! Some of Arthur's are more than 4000x4000 wide! If you don't know how, I wrote an article about it awhile back. Read it! GIMP is free, Photoshop is great, iPhoto comes with all Macs... I'm sure everyone can find some way to resize their pictures. Keep them less than 800x600 people, and don't use BMPs!!

OK, now on to the good part

Tower of London ::: Dig the detailed windows on the side walls. I'm not too keen on the the excessive huge-part usage on the rounded tower, but I'll admit it's hard to make that round a curve while including a bunch of windows otherwise.

Arc de Triumph ::: The details in the top half are amazing. As an architecture student, I should know vaguelly what things are called, but alas, we've covered nothing like that yet. Also, examine closely the inset light gray boxes with white details made from technic bits. Yay for inset panels!

NYC Flat Iron ::: The windows! The roof seems iffy, though... maybe some wedge plates would do the trick better?

UN Building ::: Talk about the Model UN, eh? Har har... Anyway, rather ho-hum, but a ho-hum building breeds a ho-hum model.

Big Ben ::: I think I may have seen this one on BS before, but the 2 newer pictures help show off all the nice details.

Notre Dame ::: I don't really care for this one, but I can't quite place it. It has inconsistent levels of detail from top to bottom. Maybe once "Part 2" is done, it'll look better.

Forbidden City ::: Nice tilework and use of grills on this one. Not my favorite, but an excellent rendition nonetheless.

Tower of Pisa ::: "With real leaning action!" If only Marvel sold action figure-esque architectural models.

Looks like Arthur will be filling up multiple tables this Brickfest.