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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Mach 5

Brickshelf builder "1816" has built a commendably accurate Mach 5. The pictures are enormous, so click at your own risk.

Nice Vigs

Lenny Hoffman, inspired by Mike Crowley's jetpack, which he first saw here, has built this sweet jetpack vignette.

He also built some kick-ass Wuxia/Kung Fu vigs, which can be found here

Thursday, July 28, 2005


What happens when you take the term "Space Pirates" literally? This creation by CSF user Big_X.
Although perhaps a bit too jumbled in places, the effect works nicely for a "Black Pearl"-esque pirate ship converts into a spaceship.

Extra points for not resorting to using the boat hull pieces, and for including a detailed interior with some clever space-piratey goodness.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"Exceptional Details"

CC user Psu-Ericksen presents this Lake Cottage. He credits the design to a real estate ad he saw which proclaims "exceptional details!"

Now, I really like the exterior of this creation, but the architectural style, to me, simply doesn't match the interior. The exceptional details are all on the outside of this creation, I could have done without any details on the interior. Anyway... take a look.

Cupid's Jetpack

According to builder Mike Crowley, boys can use this jetpack to "swoop in and kiss a girl and then make a quick aerial getaway before the girl's robot has a chance to grab him."

But whatever a minifig plans to use this jetpack for, he'll be sure that he's looking hip and suave.


Brickshelf user Justin2576 has added a few more creations to his microscale folder.

I believe the steamboat scene, the asian temple scene, and the space needle are all new. The others are worth a second look, too.

Don't Feed the Bears

Check out Jeremiah Vandermark's entry for the Great Asteroid Contest. A fun moc, with some neat construction.

First time I've seen 2 people fit in that little bubble canopy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Feeling Blue?

Then have a look at this Smurf House by Brickshelf denizen "Lorax". Simple yet effective construction here, but I don't understand that green lump on the mushroom cap...

Now somebody needs to make a mushroom space cruiser with angry insectoid-smurf figs.


Check out the use of some new pieces to create some great curves on this cute, teeny-tiny one-man car.

Hello Moto

Brickshelfer Inhert took a regular minifig motorcycle and converted it into a chopper.

I plan on building one of my own.

Another from Jamie

To go with his sweet moonbase, Jamie also built this spacefighter.

The engine, the cockpit, the details on the underside... drool.

New Moonbase

Check out Jamie Neufeld's "Quantum Manor"

It is, simply put, everything a moonbase module should be and more.

I love every last detail. Amazing work, Jamie.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Brickfest Space Award Trophies

Lenny Hoffman just announced these cool vigs being offered as prizes at Brickfest.

Nice work, Adrian Drake, Keith Goldman, Chris Giddens, Lenny Hoffman, Gil Shaw, Dan Rubin, and Aaron Sneary.

Brickshelf Finds

First is this neat castle by Justin2576. Check out the nice windows, angled in and with a darkgray border.

A unique design too, I don't recall any tall, towering keeps with tudor top floors before.

Next is a miniature train built by Moko. I believe trainheads are always ranting about 6-wide this and 8-wide that... I believe this is a 4-wide.

It is nice and shiny.

Now, 2 bots from OrganicMatoran, who has just joined CSF as "Droid Commander". A rather unusual color scheme, but it seems to work.

Note the construction hard hat on the chest.

He also built this PCS Battle Droid, which I believe captures the PCS style quite nicely.

My favorite parts are the 2 jets on his back.

More like a good week for Eastern-themes

Check out Marc A. Nelson Junior's "Baba Jani's Pocket Palace"

Nice exterior, nice interior, nice overall

Todd Amacher, Back from the Dead!

A new mech from Todd Amacher, and it is nifty. He mixes old and new grays, which is not as off-putting as I thought it would be.

I remember when Todd's now-defunct website Silicon Psyche was called Moonbase Io. Old School!

It's been a good week for Castle

Josh Wedin has made a cool Arabian abode, called "The House of Yassar Ibn Asad". The best bit, in my opinion, is the use of the trans-light-blue flower in the fountain.

It's a rare thing to see Middle-Eastern architecture in Lego; I should build some. Maybe after Brickfest...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Space Fighter

Brickshelf user Darcoarco has just uploaded a neat space fighter, called the Elite Deployment Heavy Aerospace Fighter. Although the name may not be creative, the form and construction techniques certainly are.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Moko Vigs

Brickshelfer Moko presents 2 dynamic vignettes. The first is a small dragon attacking a brave knight. Note the nice use of the frogs as the mouth of the dragon.

I used that technique a while back for a merman's tail, but I rather think Moko put it to better use.

He also built a little vignette of some sort of a futuristic man battling an alien monster.

Some well executed gore and bloodspattering makes this extra-cool.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Little Flying Thing

Luis Baixinho built this little backmounted flyer, called the Firefly Combat Unit.

Be warned, the pictures are 1600x1200, something I disapprove of highly, but I just really like this creation.

A goat

Jojo made a goat, making good use of the new horn pieces from the Viking sets.

Take a look at the rest of his "Things" folder, many other neat little detail-bits there.

And Brickshelf user Schlimps has made an even cuter baby goat.

4 Vignettes

Nathan Wells and Nelson Yrizarry, curators of lugnet.build.vignette, have hosted a contest starring Joe Vig, and have just announced the winners. Check out the 4 winners, all worthy of prizes and such.

Congratulations to Greg Nation, Tony Hafner, Janey Gunningcook, and Bruce Hietbrink.

Maj Finds

I decided to browse Maj, to see if anyone has indeed been using it for LEGO pictures instead of Brickshelf. It seems atleast one user is!

PizzaMuffin's first creation is this "Space Corps Patrol Boat"

Next is this fighter using only the new gray colors, released in 2005. Pretty nice considering the limited array of pieces he had to work with.

"You, sir, are a moron!"

"A Mormon? But I'm from Earth!"

A quote from the Simpsons, to introduce the next builder, Ryan Wood.

Returning from his mission in Oklahoma because of a broken knee (not the first time either, the knee that is, not the returning from mission bit), Ryan has built this UCS Tankdroid.

I feel the merits of the model speak for themselves, so take a look!

Big Castle

Falke Vine Castle by Brickshelf user RabbitSpook features clever use of a variety of techniques to create a true-to-life medieval castle.

The round keep also has a detailed interior.

Another Vehicle

And it's another Batmobile. Created by Brickshelf user TravisM it seems to be remarkably movie-accurate.

Very nice work creating the complex Stealth-fighter-esque angles of the Tumbler.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Take a peek at the "Bubblecraft" by the Classic-Space user Sir Bugge.

Some really neat asymmetry, and usage of unusual pieces make this ship extra-interesting.

This is what I suppose is a slightly-less-than-minfig-scale Batmobile from the new movie Batman Begins. It's really sweet just like the one from the movie and it uses flippers and those aquazone claws.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Teeny-Tiny Slopes

Classic Castle user Jim has come up with 3 clever uses for the new 1x1x2/3 slopes.

I don't own any yet, but after seeing his ideas, I am eager to try the piece out.

Spiral Stairs

Take a look at this gallery of spiral staircases of varying height, length, and... er... spin? Or call it "tightness of rotation". Whatever.

Perfect for fleet-foooted invaders to climb to invade the towering towers of the wizard Teor...

One more Castle Creation

This grange by Jojo is full of really neat details.

Check out the timbers supporting the thatched roof, the pot hanging over the fire with a spoon in it, the chopping wood block outside, the wood paneling on the stable, the rugged look to the well, and the hooks and pegs for the farmer's clothes and tools.

New Castle Creations

This medieval sawmill by Marakoeschtra features 4 machinery halls, all "powered" by horses in the main chamber. The horses move by an electic motor hidden in the upper floors.

It has a fully detailed exterior and interior, so be sure to look through both galleries.

Denix created this keep in honor of his newborn son, and thus it is named after him: Alaric Keep. The clever way the keep opens reveals a plethora of details, including a cut-away of a well and a small home of a rat.

It also features a docking station for an airship, and armor by Red Bean Studios.

Nathan Proudlove imagines this castle was built by a "a wizard who was able to protect his home and his family from the destruction of their world by casting a spell around their castle, preserving them for all eternity to float through time and space. "

It features a Discworld-esque waterfall flowing off into space, a bridge that appears to be ripped straight out of the ground, and a small spiral staircase.


Hellboy custom minifig by Tothiro of FBTB

Yellow Castle

New York's Castle Lyndhurst


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