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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just one more play time, please?

We have a theme for tonight's post. It is "mecha". We also have a subtheme, which is "mecha that involve things that I like".

Mecha+Steampunk Brickshelf user and suspected frenchard Legohaulic has combined technic goodness and an odd assortment of barrels, cannons, and this part oddity to create a wonderful 4-legged steam mech. Note the hose placement, nice detail there. The cannon doesn't seem to be connected to anything very well. I'd expect it to rip right off the mech whenever it's fired, and considering it's current angle, that would be bad news indeed for the driver. Let's hear it for gratuitous hook-hands!

Mecha+Panda People who know me know I like pandas. I have two shirts to prove it. Mike Crowley has taken the incredibly cute concept or a panda piloting a panda mech from "Panda-Z" and made it BrickFA style. While Crowley's is nice, I'd really like to see this made in a larger scale. Perhaps I'll have to do it.

Mecha+Bunny Real nice use of Bionicle in this mech by " Toa-Ju". He (or she) really has a knack from combining the Bionicle parts with the regular system parts. Surprising to see a bunch of technical bits form an organic whole.

Mecha+Community Yes that is right! There is a new site out there, following on the heels of such sites as FBTB, Classic-Castle, and Classic-Space, there is Mecha Hub. Formed by Bryce McGlone and his crew of big name mecha folk. I look forward to reading new articles there, and for them to eventually include the author of said articles in a logical place.